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From the Age: recording industry behemoth Universal releases 43,000 songs online; for US$0.99, users will be able to download them and burn them to a CD. Doesn't say which format it's in, though it sounds like the terms of the MP3-based EMusic service, which Vivendi Universal bought sometime before going pear-shaped. Then again, it wouldn't surprise me if it was some proprietary format which needs "secure" Windows-based software just in case the naughty user tries to do something the copyright holder doesn't like.


Well, after 24 hours of sitting on a packed airliner (no empty row of seats to sleep on this time), I arrived back in Melbourne, tired, jetlagged and aware that I've spent too much money. (And I got stung on the excess baggage thing too; ouch. Damn you, Fopp.) And I have some idea of what Luke must have felt like to be back in Sydney.

Normal blogging will resume shortly.

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