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The US Department of Defense recently investigated ways of redesigning the Internet to eliminate that pesky anonymity that allows terrorists, paedophiles, drug traffickers, Green Party activists and evil, evil people to go about their dastardly deeds undetected. After attempting to fudge a politically expedient result (or at least one likely to get money thrown in its direction, in the name of "national security"), they concluded that it was impractical and scrapped the idea.

I wonder how long until the MPAA/RIAA revive the idea and start pushing hard for Internet protocols to be rewritten to stamp out this un-American "file sharing" idea and protect their business models, late capitalism and the American Way.

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This looks pretty nifty: Racer, an open-source, multi-platform car simulator (as opposed to "racing game"). Haven't played with it (it'd probably crawl with my ancient Riva TNT2 video card), but the screenshots are quite pretty. (via Mr. Scum)


16 people have been arrested in the central Asian state of Turkmenistan for attempting to assassinate the President, Saparmurat Niyazov. It is not known whether the incident arose from an ideological dispute over the naming of months or the precise delineation of the Ages of Man.

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