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The Internet is not just for hyper-patriotic warbloggers and their fisking op-centers anymore; antiwar activists are now taking their protests to the web, with pacifists, quakers (not the first-person-shooter variety), bleeding-hearts and commie mutant traitor scum using the web to raise funds and lobby politicians.

Another objection is the lingering "digital divide" between the technological haves and have-nots in this society. According to the latest government figures, only slightly more than half of U.S. households have online access, which means a significant percentage of the population remains beyond the reach of the Net's democratizing effects.

And I'm thinking that if they're lucky, the major corporations will be able to turn the Net into a centrally controlled, top-down TV-like system before its subversive power reaches the broad population. (via TechDirt)


Bombs found at Ikea stores in Netherlands. Police are reportedly looking for a travelling soap salesman and several black-clad accomplices.

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