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Fire guts Edinburgh city centre. Damn; I was there a while ago, and it was a very picturesque place, and will probably be rather hard to replace. I suppose that the winding, two-level streets would make firefighting somewhat more difficult.

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The US Department of Homeland Security says open 802.11 access points are a national security threat, intends to mandate strict access controls. There goes that un-American "sharing" idea again.

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The most popular toy in Pakistan these days: the Osama Bin Laden action figure, which comes with military jeep and bodyguards.

"As you know, Osama is very popular in the whole world," said Imran, a young boy eyeing up the goods on offer at a Karachi toy store. "The same thing is happening in Pakistan.

Bin Laden, it seems, has become a sort of Islamic Che Guevara in that part of the world. I wonder how long until overpriced OBL-themed fashion accessories (sewn by child labour in the third world) show up in the ritzy boutiques of the West.

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