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VST instrument plugins of the day: Hammer, a physically modelled chromatic percussion (i.e., xylophones, vibes, &c.), synth, and Flute, a plugin based on a physical model of a flute.

It's good to see some physical modelling softsynths emerge, rather than the usual (and relatively boring) idealised analogue synths and sample players.

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Apparently the Saturday-morning TV cartoons of the 1980s weren't just 30-minute toy commercials; some of them were also deeply inspired by Scientologist teachings.

I also used one of L. Ron Hubbard's discoveries in the field of study in a Muppet Babies episode I wrote.

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The perfect gift for the cat-loving bibliophile in your life?

Fantod is an obscure word with an equally obscure origin. It's used by Dickens in The Pickwick Papers, and Twain uses it in Huckleberry Finn. Appropriately enough, Gorey also uses this word to title the short animations he created for PBS's Mystery! Definition? A state of nervous irritability or an outburst of emotion; a fit. Pure Gorey, to the bone.

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