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I just saw Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine. (I had intended to see it whilst in London in November, but ran out of time.) It's an interesting film, looking at gun culture and violent crime in America; its thesis is an interesting one: that the problem is not so much a result of Americans having guns (Canada is full of guns but has a much lower murder rate) or a violent history (Germany, Japan, England, &c. do as well) but one of America living in a culture of fear, division and paranoia; with news reports constantly highlighting violent crime (because that's where the ratings are), a culture of mutual suspicion, and a near-criminalisation of poverty. (The differences between the US and Canada are particularly telling.) In short: guns don't kill people, memes do.

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From tomorrow's weather report:

A little rain early in the morning. Some rain developing again late in the day with the risk of a thunderstorm. Moderate north to northwesterly wind, freshening during the day.
Min 23 Max 31

"Risk of a thnuderstorm"? Hope of a thunderstorm, more like it.

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