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Self-declared geeks in New Zealand are calling for the establishment of a domain, under which self-styled geeks, nerds, dorks, trekkies and penguinheads can set up their own domains, celebrating their unique and vibrant culture. If it is approved, will follow, which is already established. Though some are skeptical of the whole thing:

"My opinion of is (is that it would open) the way for other poorly-defined groups like,,," argues a critic in the online discussion.

The problems with that I see are is that who determines who's an eligible geek. Will it be run on a for-profit basis, with anyone being able to buy a domain? Will status in the "geek community" be taken into account? If so, could this lead to a clique running the domain and denying access to people they don't like, and a resulting schism, with a rival "" domain (or "" or something) being created and competing for allegiance? Will we also see a ""? (It's an official religion, or it would be if the authorities didn't ignore the overwhelming results of the last census?) And then the goths will want a "", and the people standing with clipboards by the railway lines will want a "", and so on, until we see "" or similarly ephemeral niche domains?

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