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Jon Johansen acquitted on all counts of charges of criminal computer trespass, after he wrote code to break DVD encryption. (Whether he can safely catch flights stopping in US jurisdiction is another matter, though.) The decision is a crushing blow for the MPAA and is expected to have far-reaching ramifications in Norway; however, since his arrest, Norway has moved to introduce DMCA-style legislation which explicitly outlaws circumvention, so this may be moot. Time will tell.

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William Gibson (best known for writing Neuromancer on a 1927 typewriter after watching kids in a video arcade) now has a blog. Which looks much the same sort of deal as Neil Gaiman's blog used to be before he started linking to stuff. (via bOING bOING)

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I turned 29 today. Which means that in one year's time I'll be 30, and no longer in my 20s. (Five years after that, I'll no longer be in the prime demographic for lifestyle-product advertising; an unperson, invisible to marketers, missing, presumed mortgaged in the suburbs somewhere.)

One thing this getting old business makes you do is take stock, and think about where your life is heading. Because as the numbers add up, the opportunities for change dwindle, and younger, fleeter birds get what was your share of the worms.

But more on that another time.

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Yow! Not one, but two open-source remakes of the old Commodore 64 game Paradroid. Freedroid looks like the more, umm, interesting attempt, extending the game into a multi-player RPG. Now let's see someone do a remake of Wizball. (via the retro gaming issue of "Edge", which appears to be an English video-game mag.)

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