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An internal memo from Sun about what's wrong with Java:

  • The support model seems flawed
  • The JRE is very large.
  • Extensions do not support modularity.
  • It is not backward-compatible across minor releases.

Interestingly enough, the memo goes on to compare Java to Python, with Java coming out of it not looking very good.

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Now that mobile phones with built-in digital cameras are becoming popular, the BBC is asking readers to send in their photos of events going on around them. It looks like it could be an interesting experiment in grass-roots photojournalism.

Meanwhile, another British media institution is asking readers to stick their logo on their foreheads, and send in photos. This is in response to an ad agency renting out ad space on students' foreheads.

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Via MeFi, 60x1, a a web site consisting of a sequence of headfuckingly bizarre and fantastically elaborate splash pages (think WIRED Magazine meets the Book of the SubGenius or something), combining politics, celebrities, retro videogames, religious and Communist kitsch, crisp pixels, DHTML animation and bits of Japanese/Chinese text for good measure. And all this without a single bit of Flash. Print them out, put them up and scare your family/housemates/coworkers.


What could be better than living in an ecologically-sound hobbit hole? Living in an ecologically-sound hobbit hole designed by prog-rock album-cover artist Roger Dean. Wow, trippy... (via the Viridian newsletter)

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You've heard the Nu Marxists bleating about how Bush is just like Hitler? Well, here's proof that it's not at all true:

HITLER: A brilliant orator.
BUSH: May be dyslexic.
HITLER: In his younger days, organized the Beer Hall Putsch.
BUSH: In his younger days, drank a lot of beer.
HITLER: Preceding government discredited by economic crisis, hyperinflation, riots between Communists and Fascists.
BUSH: Preceding government discredited by extramarital blowjob.
HITLER: Survived several assassination attempts.
BUSH: Choked on a pretzel.

(from Where is Raed?'s comments)

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