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I went down to Cos's birthday thing today (at the Bluestone Belgian Beer Café, which is appropriately enough on the grounds of the Institute for the Blind). Some of the beer they have is quite interesting; one was a bright red, cherry-flavoured (yet still vaguely beery) liquid with a solid white head on it. And Leffe Blond is also quite nice.

The downside of this is that I've now got a pounding hangover. Not much fun.

Anyway, I also managed to stop by at the Fitzroy Gallery (in Fitzroy St., nesr the Standard Hotel), to see a friend's art opening. There was another opening there as well, of a T-shirt exhibition. Some were cool (like the ErrorWear "broken Pac-Man" T-shirt); though others were a bit generic and Prahranish, with various combinations of (a) imitations of Designers Republic artwork, (b) stencilised retro photographs, and (c) "ironic" soft-porn imagery. One was particularly inspired: a pink shirt as high as a wall yet about half the normal width, with dozens of arms, as if to fit one of William S. Burroughs' giant aquatic centipedes. And it had a floral design on the top of it. Girly centipede fashions; what a concept.


Proof that sometimes, just sometimes, religious fanatics accidentally do something sensible: Hindu militants raid shops, burn Valentine's Day cards. (via bOING bOING)

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