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Today's InPress has a review of Architecture in Helsinki's new album, Fingers Crossed, comparing it to "Belle & Sebastian on Prozac", and suggesting that AIH may in fact be Belle & Sebastian in disguise. The review also makes references to Stereolab and Frente. Heh.

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The street finds its own uses for distributed computing, it seems: those generous souls who fill our mailboxes with penis enlargement/debt elimination advertisements have decided to help out struggling students; specifically, spammers are paying students to install spam relay software on computers in their dormitories. The software works not unlike Seti@Home and such, only rather than solving computational problems, it relays unsolicited advertisements, hiding its origins. All this is hardly surprising; with their tight finances and access to free broadband, students would make a tempting target for such opportunists. And, of course, those students gullible enough to fall for it end up losing their network connections. (via TechDirt)

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Two manifestations of the American Dream? The "What Would Jesus Eat?" weight-loss programme and the rising popularity of SUVs with built-in home theatre systems.

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