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British satirical outfit Bremner Bird and Fortune (who appear on Channel 4; for the Australians in the audience, that seems to be sort of like SBS only with more of an edge) have some good video clips about current events. I particularly recommend "Blair & Campbell Autocue", which has Tony Blair fumbling through a speech freshly delivered from Washington. (via MeFi)

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I have been keeping an eye on the UPS package tracking page, and following the progress of my Archos Jukebox Recorder. Apparently it cleared Customs today, and as of just after 10am, has been "in transit" from Ascot Vale to Melbourne. It is now after 5pm. How are they shipping it; by wheelchair?

Speaking of things being in limbo, the camera repair place still has no idea when the replacement part for my PowerShot will arrive from Japan. Apparently it depends on enough Australians breaking their cameras to make it cost-effective for Canon to ship a containerload of spare parts at a time or something. Let's hear it for the ruthless pursuit of efficiency.


Brand America update: Madison Avenue advertising/branding guru Charlotte Beers is quitting her job as the Whitehouse's image czar for selling Brand USA™ to the Islamic world, after acknowledging that "the gap between who we are and how we wish to be seen and how we are in fact seen is frighteningly wide". Her appointment is expected to be Tony Blair's spin doctor Alastair "Cool Brittannia" Campbell State Department official Patricia Harrison.

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