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The Strange Tenants gig was quite good. The crowd was quite diverse, from grey-haired middle-aged couples (who may well have met at a Tenants gig in the early 80s) to young skinhead types (whilst waiting in the queue outside, I overheard one short-cropped geezer talking to his mates about some guy he beat up), punks and rudeboys. (I've never seen so many guys wearing hats at the Corner.) The band themselves were dressed in a very 1980s way (wearing a lot of black, sunglasses and (in one case) a natty-looking leather jacket), and they rocked quite a bit. They even had a new song, all about nostalgia for the old days of ska, though it wasn't quite as sharp as their old numbers. Given the left-wing, anti-militarist and sometimes anti-US tone of some of their songs, and their dedications (to Bush and to the children of Iraq, in two cases), I wonder how much of their decision to come out of retirement was influenced by the political situation. (Good to know that they haven't turned into Tories with time.)

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