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I seem to have come down with some sort of bug; I spent today at home, mostly horizontal and feeling like various shades of death-warmed-over. I managed to get some work done from home, though not much. I hope this isn't the killer martian flu.


Sure enough, former Iraqi Information Minister Mohammad Saeed "Comical Ali" al-Sahaf has been offered a job with a TV station, Dubai's al-Arabiya. Let the bidding war begin.

Possible future careers for Comical Ali:

  • Assistant to Hillary Rosen in Baghdad
  • Replacement for [Robert Fisk/Michael Moore/insert despised goddamnliberal columnist here] (insert oh-so-witty snide remark about improved accuracy here)
  • by the same token, Guardian columnist... hang on, he's done that.
  • FOXNews reporter (in the interests of "balanced coverage")
  • TV entertainment show host
  • ad campaign star (I'm sure someone would fly him over, Mahir-fashion, to star in their ads. It's a pity CATS wasn't a real person; he'd have been great flogging car-auction web sites and such; can you imagine: "All your bargain are belong to us:". But I digress.)