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Rational Ministries could well be the next Time Cube. He goes on about communism (in a quasi-religious sort of way, mixed in with bits of Wagnerian Viking mysticism), LSD, sex and psychiatric medication, expounds his rigorous moral system and names his favourite porn star and video. He has his own version of the political compass test, with added questions about sexual kinks and drugs, and a page outlining his beliefs:

sex does have some social issues, that need to be kept in place, all sex has a dominance/humiliation aspect, some people take this attitude out of the bedroom and into the rest of the community, if you are trying to say the women, or submissive, doesn't want to act and be treated like a slut, you are really naive, if you are saying the dominant or man doesn't like to humiliate women or submissives, you are naive.
open systems technology, like ISA was, and like java is, satisfies capitalist economic theory, in that there will be more competition, and satisfies socialist theory, in that no imperialist can take control, this leaves only dainty imperialists that like proprietary systems, and dainty imperialists have no place in Valhalla

And then there's this personal ad:

I am seeking to reproduce, so I am looking for artificial insemination with women who have support means, and as many as possible. What I have to offer is my DNA. and as you know instinctual information along with physical traits is stored in DNA. If you like the qualities of my philosophy, it is most likely my DNA contributed to them. Much liked a bird's DNA tells it to make a nest when it is ready to lay eggs. Contact me at , RIGHT NOW, the child can know me by my philosophies. And once again, this is not about sex, I WOULD PREFER ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, if you cannot I will do otherwise.

...followed by a spot of Holocaust-revisionism, in case that wasn't loopy enough. (via Psychoceramics)

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UN weapons inspectors fear that looted medical radioactive isotopes from Iraqi nuclear facilities may end up on the black market and in the hands of al-Qaeda terrorists or other pissed-off individuals in the region. Oops...


I'm doing a DJ set tomorrow at something called Grand Music for Tiny Souls, at Bar 303, 303 High St., Northcote. I'll be starting sometime shortly after 4pm, and playing between bands until 8pm or so; then another DJ will be taking over. The bands playing include I Want A Hovercraft at 6pm, Season at 7pm, Seascapes of the Interior at 11pm and International Karate at midnight.


An interesting article about the arms race between game developers and cheaters, written by one of the developers of Age of Empires, and describing various forms of cheating and strategies for preventing it. (via bOING bOING)

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