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The first 15 minutes of The Importance of Being Morrissey is online at in MPEG format; with the rest to come. (via Largehearted Boy)

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The south-east Asian country of Laos has done the equivalent of selling the spare kidney for much-needed dollars and sold its Internet domain to Los Angeles. Under the deal, which has been approved by ICANN, the cultural capital of McWorld is now the first city to have its own top-level domain; consequently, there are now domains such as and

I've noticed that neither .lo nor .ny are actual TLDs; perhaps if this sets a precedent, London and New York can snap those up and use them to merchandise their cultural capital.

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Ill Mitch, allegedly a Russian rapper, must be the hip-hop equivalent of "my love for you is like a truck byer-zer-ker". (via bOING bOING)

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I just found out that I'm going to be DJing tonight at Good Morning Captain (Johnston St., Collingwood; just past Smith St.) between 9 and 11pm.


Discovery of the day: aquarium fish are fascinated by cameras.

I was at Volare in Brunswick St., and noticed an aquarium full of large orange fish. As large orange fish suspended in water make good objects to photograph, I took out my camera. As I approached, the fish flocked to the lens. Whenever I moved the camera up or down to get different angles, the fish would immediately swarm towards the lens. It seemed that the cheeky little buggers loved having their pictures taken.

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