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I went along to the Minimum Chips EP launch at the Rob Roy tonight. Other than the tracks from Gardenesque, they played a lot of new material. No, really. And it was quite impressive. Now they've got even less of an excuse for not recording a new album.

Between songs, Nicole entertained the audience with her dialogues with various hecklers, on topics such as Evan Dando's drug habits (apparently he's into something called Crackstasy), the Brisbane Gothic Scene (apparently it's huge), and whether Minimum Chips are electroclash (apparently they are, even though none of their songs are about snorting cocaine with movie stars or anything like that).

Oh, and they're playing on the Wednesday after this coming one at the First Floor (i.e., Chapel St.'s beachhead on Brunswick St., a haunt of the Beautiful People best known for its house music, overpriced drinks and tabletop Galaga machine). Apparently the First Floor people are booking more bands, including rockers Registered Nurse, which strikes me as rather odd.

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