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In other news: accused serial sexual harrasser and alleged Enron kleptocracy accomplice Arnold Schwarzenegger has been elected as governor of California. It looks like the incumbent's sucking up to Big Copyright with promises of tougher DRM mandates didn't help him in the end.

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What does a notorious spammer do after retiring? He goes into the nightclub business. (via jwz, ironically enough)

Meanwhile, Sanford "Spam King" Wallace's former business partner Walt Rines is still into dubious online marketing ventures. He sells software for spamming online message boards, and also has a lucrative sideline in preying on gullible Windows users:

Rines has also created a website called where he distributes a program that, according to the site, enables users to run file-sharing programs without being detected. Rines said he has distributed around 100,000 copies of Kazanon in about two weeks.
But an analysis of the Kazanon software by Lurhq, a security services firm, revealed that the program doesn't make users invisible online at all. Instead, the code simply appears to install a component of ClientMan that allows the program to stealthily download other programs onto the user's PC, said Lurhq senior researcher Joe Stewart.
Rines said Kazanon is "an experiment" and that he is mainly trying to determine "what people will agree to download."

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