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Libya renounces WMD programmes, after 9 months of clandestine negotiation with US and British diplomats. The deal will open the way for Libya to resume normal relations with the west. I wonder what they'll end up doing with those nuke-proof underground bunkers now; they'd make an excellent internet-host colocation facility for the ultra-paranoid.

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The bus from Byron Bay to Brisbane passed through the Tweed Heads-Coolangatta-Surfers Paradise-Gold Coast Recreational Axis, a scary and depressing place if there is one. Miles and miles of pastel-coloured high-rise hotels, luxury-apartment buildings and toy monorails, filing cabinets for self-contained family-units on holiday, enjoying recreation without the inconvenience of unwelcome mixing with strangers; it is a vast monument to leisure on an industrial scale. Even the office buildings are salmon-pink or mango-orange, with matching tubular metal balconies; between this, the locals flitted about, bronzed and godlike, in their convertible cars.

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