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The next Weblogger Meetup is at the Sahara Cafe, for the third time in the past four months. Each of those months, it was the only place in the CBD in the voting options; the others were places in Brunswick and Prahran, and even a network-gaming centre somewhere in Lilydale or wherever; but none of the other Melbourne venues (Lounge Downstairs, Cookie, Troika, &c.) got a look in. (Last month, people voted for the Comfortable Chair in Brunswick; only two people turned up to that one.) Are the Sahara proprietors paying for exclusive listings or something?


Not only can the iPod hold your entire music collection, its sturdy metal construction makes it ideal for bludgeoning people to death too.

("A message from the RIAA: MP3 piracy kills. Any questions?")

Meanwhile, you may want to avoid Masonic initiations as well, especially if they involve handguns believed to contain blanks.

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