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I should really read Largehearted Boy more often; he has recently posted a number of links to MP3s online, including a trove of tracks from Slowdive EPs (at 128kbps, though). These are really good; if you haven't heard them, go and download.

Also via LHB, Luis Buñuel's Un Chien Andalou, in a MPEG file. If you were wondering what exactly The Pixies' Debaser was about, that's it.

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Recent search engine referrals to this blog: "pictures of middle evil fair", "fan fiction of avril lavigne having sex", "the case for balanced christian music" (as opposed to unhinged Christian music, I suppose). And two about the metaphysical implications of the recently discovered 10th planetoid, from various perspectives: "is sedna the planet X" and "sedna planet christianity".

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