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A few new items from Gizmodo: this ultra-expensive Sparc/Solaris laptop, for when a PC running Linux or a PowerBook just won't do. (Unlike Apple, it appears that Sun are happy to sell their OS for use with third-party hardware.) And, for the sexually-frustrated otaku out there, busty anime-girl mousepads, made by a company in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, in the same neighbourhood (thematically and geographically), a Chinese woman recently paid for breast enlargement surgery (apparently from a disreputable clinic), and ended up growing a second pair of breasts on her stomach. It is not clear exactly she ended up with the extra pair, which she subsequently had removed.

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Once again, I haven't gotten around to making an April Fool's Day edition of The Null Device; mostly as I have been occupied with other matters. (Lame, I know.) I had some ideas for how to take it, though most of them were lame, like making it ultra-right/left-wing for a day or something, or putting up a "blog" entirely about some obscure niche interest or other. Anyway, Graham has, once again, outdone himself.

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