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This website shows you the political donation histories of various famous Americans, including actors, billionaires, pundits and others. It probably won't surprise anyone that Noam Chomsky has donated only to independents, Rupert Murdoch leans heavily to the Republicans (though not always; when you're Rupert Murdoch, you don't buy your politicians off the shelf as a package), and jingoistic techno-thriller author Tom Clancy is a down-the-line Republican, while lawyerporn writer John Grisham and airport horror writer Stephen King are Democrats. Hollywood and the entertainment-industrial complex seems mostly in the Democrat camp (with the exception of those in the Christian music industry), whilst famous Republicans include boy-band svengali Lou Pearlman and computer magnate Michael Dell.

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A Catholic canon lawyer has filed heresy charges against Senator John Kerry, the US presidential candidate, in an ecclesiastical court. The charges relate to Kerry taking communion whilst advocating legalised abortion.

It will be interesting to see if the Catholic Church prosecutes these charges. They seem to have had a policy of not prescribing Catholic politicians' agendas, though this is changing somewhat with the conservative line taken by the current Pope (and, indeed, doesn't look to get any more liberal, with demographic shifts giving more power to conservative bishops in Africa). On the other hand, there are politics to consider; aside from the likelihood of a backlash occurring from any perceived interference in the election, the Vatican is not too fond of Bush (indeed, it has been claimed that the Pope thinks he may be the Antichrist foretold in the Book of Revelation, though this may well be apocryphal), and may not be too keen to shoot down the opposition.

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