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A look at how Family First handle the media from a Christian concerned about their tactics (to vehemently deny religious affiliations on one front and assert them elsewhere). It appears that they're the kinds of True Believers to whom the ends justify the means, which suggests that they could be extremely dangerous. Do the ALP and Democrats really believe there is much to be gained strategically by replacing the Greens in the Senate with this mob?

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The format and scope of the US Presidential Debate are so constrained that Associated Press were able to report about it before it happened. Then again, perhaps a state doesn't become the World's Sole Superpower by allowing something like democracy to run unchecked and potentially affect important decisions.

Meanwhile, global sponsor of sustainable democracy and/or ultra-rich James Bond villain (depending on whom you believe) George Soros has an essay on why a second term for Bush would be bad news for all.

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I've recently had some time to sit down with an internet connection that didn't involve me buying dubious coffee and listening to samba, Frank Sinatra or other yuppie wallpaper music for the privilege. As such, The Null Device has the beginnings of a photo gallery system.

There are four galleries (i.e., pages of photos) up so far. Two from my travels in Italy (the mediæval town of Paciano, Umbria and a few of the old town of Perugia), one of Oxford, and some studies of a recent afternoon in North London.

The gallery still needs some work: a decent (automatically-generated) front page would be good. Galleries will eventually have date-stamps attached, and will be automatically injected into the blog feed and/or shown on a new, all-automated Null Device frontpage, along with the most recent blog entry and such.

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