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I went to see Mysterious Skin tonight. It's a recent American art-house film about two boys who had been sexually molested by a baseball coach in a small town; ten years on, one boy is a somewhat callous, promiscuous gay hustler (who looks a bit like a hipster Mr. Spock), while the other blocked out details of the experience, believing instead that he had been abducted by aliens, and is trying to figure out what really happened during those lost hours.

The posters on the Tube advertised it as "slinky-hipped and sleazy-poetic", which makes it sound like the next album from The Killers or something, though the impression is misleading; this is a thoughtful and often beautifully shot film, at times explicit and harrowing, though not gratuitously so. The soundtrack really added to it; it was by Robin Guthrie (from the Cocteau Twins) and Harold Budd, and also featured songs by Slowdive, Curve and Sigur Rós, and not an overhyped NME New Wave Revival band in earshot.

I wonder whether there was any connection between the Slowdive songs in the soundtrack and the other UFO contactee being named Avalyn.

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The Furry Music Foundation is "an informal organization of furries, for furries and with furries, working separately and together for the good of furry music." And they have three CDs of "furry music", with titles like "Furry Fantasies", "Silky Fur" and "The Wolf In You", for sale, and samples to download. (If you wondered what "furry music" sounds like, imagine a cross between goth/darkwave, cod-mediæval video-game/anime incidental music and Eurovision contenders, complete with floridly elaborate general-MIDI arrangements and the occasional lyrics about embracing one's inner otter or whatever.)

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