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Question of the day: what exactly is the Apple iTV? I mean, we know that it's a wireless video-streaming set-top box-type device. But what's inside it?

Is it:

  1. a cut-down Mac Mini-type device with a stripped-down, purpose-specific version of OSX and FrontRow running off a Flash drive,
  2. a custom machine, unrelated to PCs, running a real-time OS based on Darwin/xnu, and incorporating relevant OSX technologies (Quartz, QuickTime, Cocoa), or
  3. a custom machine running an real-time OS related to the iPod's one, or
  4. none of the above?
(And the second question is: what potential is there for hacking it to do things it doesn't do out of the box?)

Inquiring minds must know.

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And a YouTube treat for you: Swedish indiepop ensemble I'm From Barcelona performing "Treehouse" at their recent gig in Hoxton:

The rest of the gig, incidentally, was just as brilliant; it was more like a travelling party than a concert.

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