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As of about a month ago, it is legal to keep sloths, capybaras, woolly lemurs and Brazilian wolf spiders, among species, as pets in the UK without a special licence. However, keeping dingos, Middle Eastern thin-tailed scorpions and various kinds of South American snakes now requires a licence, unlike before. Before you hurry off to the slothmongers, though, you may want to read up on whether you really do want a sloth:

Marie Whatmough, a senior keeper at London Zoo, also had concerns. "Sloths for example have a very grumpy nature. They have matted fur which is dry and coarse. You wouldn't want to cuddle them," she said.

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The FBI has a new technique for sniffing out potential terrorist cells: scanning grocery store records for telltale spikes in felafel sales. Really.

Other than anything else, the fact that they were using felafel sales to find Iranian sleeper cells suggests that whoever came up with this idea didn't do their homework.

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