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Bobby Fischer, former chess world champion, Cold War posterboy, reclusive eccentric, anti-Semitic al-Qaeda fan, fugitive from US justice, naturalised Icelander and subject of an iLiKETRAiNS song, has died in Iceland, of an unspecified illness. He was 64.

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Yahoo has announced that it will be an OpenID provider, allowing users to log into OpenID-enabled sites using their Yahoo ID. Of course, as Yahoo want everyone to have a Yahoo ID (which gives them clout in targeted advertising), they have no plans "at this time" to accept OpenID logins from other providers.

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Apparently Microsoft have promised to release the full specifications of their legacy binary Office document formats, making them available for direct downloading from their web site without the need to sign any agreements. Not only that, but to develop a reference application for translating them into a neutral format and release it under the BSD license. Cue a million Slashdot penguinheads trying to outdo themselves at saying "Hell has frozen over" in the wittiest way possible.

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