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Freeganism: For those for whom veganism is not radical enough.
If you are an "anti-capitalist", what better way to protest the economy than withdrawing from it and never using money?
Freegans wiely vary in their concern for health - some freegans gorge themselves on dumpstered donuts and some are still totally vegan, but get all their food for free... Some freegans eat "edgy" food (on the edge of edibility) and some don't take chances.
Don't flush when you pee! ... If you don't like the smell of pee stagnating in the toilet, pee outside our dilute your urine (7 water to 1 pee) and fertilize with it or drink it (Gandhi drank a cup of his own pee every day). Also, you can make manure out of your own poop! Or... dumpster dive some adult diapers and have a party where everyone straps one on and fills it up -no water wasted.

One serious omission from this tract is any reference to breatharianism. (via Riothero)

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