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While you're probably familiar with Tanya's hate-filled fulminations, the rest of Freaky Trigger has some interesting pop music-related content as well, including this eye-opening screed against indie snobbery and genre fundamentalism:
I hate indie's pretense at sole possession of depth. I hate the indie mentality, the indie industry... You think you're any better than the metalhead dismissing all this 'wuss' music? You think you're any better than the clown who only listens to hip-hop because it's an authentic voice of the streets, especially one who always talks about the lyrics and never about the beats? Any better than the jazz blowhards who make Wynton Marsalis seem open minded, the blues purists who won't stop? THERE IS MORE TO OFFER. THERE. ARE. NO. BOUNDS. REVELATION IS INDIVIDUAL AND NOT COLLECTIVE.

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