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There's an interesting-looking new book about outsider artist Henry Darger (of Vivian Girls fame; that's where the punk-pop band got their name from). The Village Voice gives it a good review. (via RobotWisdom)

From his one-room apartment in Wicker Park, Darger created and illustrated a 15,000-page novel entitled In the Realms of the Unreal. Its heroines are the seven Vivian sisters in their baby-doll dresses and mary janes. They carry multicolored parasols and giant strawberries as they run from insidious purple clouds. They fight the evil, child-enslaving Gladelinians while in the background giant petunias bloom and ducks float midair. Sometimes while recuperating at their hideout, Jennie Richee, a few of the girls grow ram's horns on their heads

Unfortunately, it is rather expensive, and with the Pacific Peso (a.k.a. the Australian dollar) being worth only US$0.50 or so, not something I can justify buying.

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