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Newspeak in action: In time for 2001, the International Year of Volunteers, Australia's ranks of "volunteer" firefighters are set to be swelled by an influx of young people conscripted in on the expanding "work-for-the-dole" scheme.

The last thing a CFA commander needs in a bushfire crisis is a resentful young person on the team who is there only because she'll have her dole cut off if she doesn't show up.

<SARCASM> Of course, the real problem in this case is not conscription but the culture of individualism and rebellion among young people that leads to such antisocial attitudes; it's all that gothic grunge techno rap music they're listening to, turning their brains to mush. None of this would happen if that Communist Whitlam hadn't lifted the ban on the importation of electric guitars back in 1972... </SARCASM>

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