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Today I went out and did a spot of shopping, buying (among other things) two CDs: Broadcast's The Noise Made By People and Piano Magic's Artists' Rifles, both at Heartland. The former is on Warp, though has a swingin'-60s retro feel, as if afflicted by Carnaby Street Syndrome (sort of like Jerusalem Syndrome, only instead of wearing hotel bedsheets and believing yourself to be John the Baptist, it involves riding an Italian motor-scooter and thinking it's 1967, and predominantly afflicts indie kids and the likes of St Etienne). The latter CD is a very subdued, enigmatic and atmospheric work; I have no idea what to compare it to that would give a fair idea of what it sounds like, though traces of it were reminiscent of Electronic, Slowdive Dead Can Dance and The Paradise Motel, albeit in the most fleeting of ways. Ignore the fact that the band name sounds like a naff K-Tel compilation CD, (or that their label's name, Rocket Girl, sounds more like they should be releasing punky three-chord power pop, possibly of Japanese origin), this is a band worth keeping an eye on.

(I also bought some other things (not CDs), but I can't tell you about them just yet.)

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