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01/01/01: Well, today was the first day of a new millennium (in the Western calendar, anyway). The last time this happened, England was ruled by the Anglo-Saxons and Spain by the Moors, and of all the Europeans, none had set foot in Australia and only the Vikings in North America. The predominant worldview was a lot more mystical, with Christianity and Paganism duking it out for mindshare and the materialist-rationalist mindset we're familiar with nowhere to be seen. The English language as we speak it today did not exist, and of the minority in Europe who could read or write, most did so in Latin and lived in monasteries. Something to think about, isn't it?

I finished this millennium walking along St. Georges Rd., in the direction of home. I had gone down to Brunswick St., looking for anything that may be worth going to, but nothing compelling seemed to be happening, so I went home. At one point it looked as if I might be seeing in the Changing of the Numbers inside a café, but their stereo was playing an irritating pretty-girl-top-40-R&B-pop song, and I had a Tanya Headon moment and went back outside. Then I went home and imbibed considerable Chartreuse.

Oh well; this year I spent NYE by myself, but last year I spent it in a house full of goth kids, so this is probably an improvement.

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