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Future prediction: Eager to shake off their throwaway boy-band image and escape the built-in obsolescence of manufactured teen-pop, the Backstreet Boys take a leaf out of Radiohead's book and release an album of top-40-unfriendly, 6+-minute experimental noodlings, hiring the likes of Richard James and Mark Bell (of Björk fame) for production. It flops and gets about as much critical acclaim as Vanilla Ice's rap-metal makeover (despite being plugged by industry marketing shills), at the same time alienating their fan base. The group sinks without a trace not long after that. The album, soon deleted, becomes a collector's item amongst the more eristically-inclined obscurantist trainspotters (the ones who have Rump's Hating Brenda, Pat Boone's In A Metal Mood and Pee Wee Ferris' commercial-dance take on Blue Monday in their collections)

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