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Progressive media gadfly Mike Moore (not the head of the WTO) gives the Left a timely kick in the pants for being out of touch with the issues facing Middle America. (via Hobbsblog)
I say, with all due affection and appreciation for all of you and your causes, get over yourselves and start talking like a real person, then start talking to real people. You could begin by hitting 0 every time you get a robot when you call 411. Have a chat with the human operator -- the phone company will eventually have to hire more of them. Or sponsor a bowling team and put the name of your local Labor Party or environmental group on their shirts. Or try bowling yourself. It's where you'll meet Americans.

I imagine this could apply in Australia as well. While the Marxist dreadheads are planning ways to get the crap beaten out of them fighting for a revolution that will never come (does anyone really think that the next S11-like tolchockfest will lead to the collapse of capitalism and the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat (or whatever the term is these days) headed by a blue-haired politburo?), the disaffected lower middle classes are flirting with Pauline Hanson. Hers is an ugly, xenophobic, intolerant brand of populism, but it speaks a language people understand. Which is why the Liberals are throwing bones to the xenophobic bugbears of Suburbia, as not to lose their vote to One Nation.

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