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Howard, Watters, take note: A group of Russian philanthropists, under the name City Without Drugs, have devised a novel method for curing heroin addiction; rather than opening up injecting rooms for junkies, they have established treatment centres, where users are strapped to beds and beaten to within an inch of their lives.
"Drug addicts are animals who have lost all sense of values. This way, the next time they think about getting a fix they remember the pain of the thrashing rather than the rush of the drugs. It's very effective. You cannot solve this with mild manners - you need tough measures."
After their initial beating, addicts spend their first few weeks handcuffed to a bed, left to face their withdrawal symptoms with nothing stronger than bread and water. Later the inmates are put to work chopping down trees or labouring. Nobody is allowed to leave during the treatment, which lasts a year.

Given that injecting rooms are Out Of The Question, whilst conventional imprisonment doesn't seem to be having an effect, perhaps we can expect to see Howard's drug war council adopting a similar approach sometime soon? (via Lev)

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