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An American commentator on the McVeigh thing believes that both the death penalty (as currently administered in our squeamish, citified age) and imprisonment in America's luxurious prisons are too pleasant to deter criminals and that America should established gulags in Alaska, where murderers, rapists, drug dealers and such could be imprisoned under harsh conditions without parole. Perhaps they should also bring Sheriff Arpaio on board, dress the convicts in pink underwear and set up web cameras?

(As far as the Australian perspective goes, such a system could easily be implemented in the far north of Australia; it could even be combined with the revolutionary Russian drug addiction treatment, with harsh boot camps for junkies being established in the same general vicinity as migrant detention centres. (As for importing the City Without Drugs programme to the United States, that would be easy to do; just add a faith-based element and have someone preach fundamentalist Christianity at the junkies whilst they lie strapped to their beds in withdrawal Hell.)

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