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This may or may not be satire: The Dallas school board plan to purge all school textbooks of Invictus, the poem used by executed bomber Timothy McVeigh as his last words. Meanwhile, textbook companies are already reducing the amounts of potentially controversial long-dead authors used in teaching materials:
Some textbook companies are simply creating entire literature texts around excerpts from the Bible, which has met with the quiet approval of school boards in Texas. In Dr. James opinion this effort "serves as a reasonable extension of President Bush's faith-based initiative. After all, there are no surprises in the Bible, and we are reasonably certain the murderer never read this book."

Ah, of course; McVeigh's twisted ideas were the product of corrupt, syphilitic 18th-century Enlightement philosophers and godless, sensual poets like Walt Whitman. These should all be banned from schools, and replaced with nothing more than the Bible, to make a more just, moral society. After all, there is no bloodthirst or evil in the Bible, is there? (via Lev)

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