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Those zany zucchinis at the Cult of the Dead Cow, who brought you Back Orifice, are at it again. Their latest project, soon to be released, is named Peekabooty, and is a tool which supposedly makes life really difficult for anyone wanting to censor or control the Internet. Peekabooty isn't out yet, but they have a lengthy manifesto/rant/FAQ about it and their new Hacktivismo project.
Q: You mean you aren't interested in advancing human rights in the real world, on the ground?
A: Sure, but that's not where our competence lies. We're hackers, not social justice activists. Let's put it this way. Some groups and individuals are well suited to fight for social and economic progress around the world. If as a result of an initiative in Africa, for instance, economic standards were raised and more people could obtain computers -- that would be a good thing. But what kind of Internet would they eventually have access to? One where censorship or the proliferation of vulnerable software left them at risk? We're not willing to sit by and watch that happen. We think of hacktivism and the Internet the same way that homeopathist's think of the body: you have to introduce a little poison to create health. Code has consciousness and healing power whether you like it or not.

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