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Film Festival: Tonight I went to see Possible Worlds, a Canadian thriller based on the premise that everything that can exist does exist, in some possible world. It was quite good, in a surreal kind of way; the photography was spectacular in places, and there were both funny and thought-provoking moments, though parts of it seemed a bit vague and confusing (though, with the premise being what it is, one can expect that; still, towards the start, I was half-expecting a Greg Egan-esque hard scifi treatment). It's a film that could benefit from a second viewing, though one it's unlikely to get given that it only screened at the film festival here and is unlikely to make general release or end up on a DVD.

(What is it about Canadian films anyway? If they're not dealing with incest or necrophilia or somesuch, they're edgy sci-fi mindfucks. Perhaps it's the need, deeply ingrained in the Canadian psyche, to differentiate their films from the committee-scripted, focus-grouped lowest-common-denominator swill that comes from south of the border?)

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