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Far and Wide on 3RRR just played a long and interesting interview with Peter Hook; he talked about the recent New Order album (which is actually not bad, if you ignore the lyrics), and recounted some funny anecdotes about going to the filming of 24 Hour Party People, a film about the Manchester music scene, for which the filmmakers rebuilt the Haçienda (which was torn down two weeks earlier) and got actors to play the members of Joy Division/New Order. (Hook said that the guy who played Ian Curtis looked uncannily like the real one, so much so that seeing him was spooky.) He also said that they're working on a more electronic EP, and that the next New Order album may be more like Power, Corruption and Lies; that will be interesting to see whether they recapture the greatness of it.

(And remember kids: if you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot, but if you take Prozac and write lyrics, you're Bernard Sumner.)

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