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I just came back from the Punters Club where I saw Ninetynine. They were great; equal parts spiky guitar riffs, groovy rhythms, xylophones and yummy Casiotone goodness. They played mostly short, intense pop songs, with frantic amounts of energy, yet tight, funky grooves like a visitation from Grudnuk. One highlight was a punk-pop song they did in Arabic, with the drummer (a guy who looked somewhere between Robert Smith and Michael Hutchence's character in Dogs In Space) getting up and singing, with his manic energy. All in all, an intense performance. (I didn't see the support bands, as I went to the Empress before that to see Sir and The Dumb Earth.)

(I saw Ninetynine before, many years ago (when they were supporting The Paradise Motel; that's how long ago), but not for some time until now.)

Speaking of live bands, Prop are playing tomorrow night at Pony; they should be very much worth seeing.

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