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I upgraded my PowerBook to MacOS 10.1 last week and have found it underwhelming. Audio-intensive MacOS 9 applications (i.e., SuperCollider) still don't work under Classic; not to mention some MacOS applications which crash under Classic (i.e., Fontographer), for no good reason. Not all that much else seems to have changed either. Though you can now mount SMB shares from MacOS 10.1 (just as well, as it doesn't work with netatalk for some reason), and play DVDs on it.

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Posted by: Unixwonk Mon Oct 22 14:29:56 2001

I considered 10.1 to be a rushed-to-market 10.0 and was not disappointed with the upgrade.

By the time Mac OS X 11.0 arrives, we'll have little to complain about besides the naming/numbering scheme.

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