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Bandwagon jumping: After noticing that reader comments are becoming a standard blog fixture (Meg brought hers online recently, and GreyMatter blogs have had them for a while), I spent a few hours coding my own; and here it is. It's still a bit rough, but it will evolve over time. Play nice, kids.

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Posted by: Graham Mon Oct 22 09:23:17 2001

Is this thing working?

Posted by: acb Mon Oct 22 09:24:26 2001

Seems to be... :-)

Posted by: Ben Mon Oct 22 10:24:56 2001

Cool. If I put my email address here, will I get lots of spam?

Posted by: acb Mon Oct 22 10:26:16 2001

Not unless the spammers can automatically recognise "macsbooks (at)" as an email address and convert it.

Posted by: Evil Paul Mon Oct 22 10:29:04 2001

Great! I've been hoping you'd stick this feature on your 'blog one day. There have been a few times where I would have liked to add my own bit of info or commentary.

Posted by: burgatron Mon Oct 22 13:04:53 2001

i reserve my right not to comment.

Posted by: Jimbob Tue Oct 23 04:22:38 2001

Bloody finally...been reading /dev/null for a year, and all that time i kept wishing I could make some comments. Now that I've got the opportunity, I'll have to learn to behave myself.

Posted by: Peter Tue Oct 23 04:33:30 2001

Nice! I wonder how long it'll take me to jump on this particular bandwagon? Well I have to re-structure Stumblings soon anyway!

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