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This evening, when I came home, I stumbled across a pretty doovy programme that was playing on 3RRR. It's called International Pop Underground, runs from 8 to 10pm on Wednesdays and plays a lot of glitchy-yet-melodic electronic ambience and such. It's sparse and novel and yet not so experimental as to be unlistenable, a good mix of atmospheric instrumentals and songs with avant garde production and instrumentation. (An example: some of the things they played tonight have included Björk, New Buffalo and a GYBE-related act whose name escapes me.)

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Posted by: nine http:// Sat Oct 27 00:51:35 2001

a silver mount zion - i recommend checking out their latest effort if you dig them, pretty impressive.

Posted by: acb Sat Oct 27 08:26:56 2001

no, they played some other act.

I have _He Has Left Us Alone_, though don't listen to it too much. It's perhaps a bit too lugubrious in places.

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