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A British media artist named Matt Rogalsky plans to release a 24-CD set of recordings of silence. Well, not perfect silence, but the moments between words taken from radio programmes and the like. The CD set won't be cheap; it will set you back US$426. I'd be willing to bet that, when it comes out, Synæsthesia will have it, right next to the Japanese noise sculpture, Austrian laptop drum'n'bass, atonal "sound art" and recordings of numbers stations. (via Meg)

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Posted by: kenny http:// Thu Oct 25 20:19:15 2001

reminds me of this study i came across recently, "silence as amplification in discourse" [].

Posted by: Buster Hihmenn Thu Oct 25 20:36:44 2001

I liked it the first time when John Cage did it (4'33"). I think the point was that during the "silence" you should listen to all the sounds of the world. Anyway, those fog breathing tea sippers crack me up.

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