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I had an unusual dream last night: I was in a video arcade or some establishment with video-game machines. There was a Galaga machine there, only the screen kept showing an error message, something about not being able to read ~. The proprietor of the shop said it was broken, but I suggested that he pull the hard disk out, plug it into a PC running Linux, mount it and fix the filesystem there. (Later I realised that that would have involved finding a PC with an old hard disk controller...)

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Posted by: burgatron Sat Oct 27 10:31:47 2001

Thats sound like a dilbert dream. Did u see 'the lonegunmen" this week, there was a monkey that new linux. I nearly feel of my chair when i saw it.

Posted by: shauny http:// Sun Oct 28 06:08:24 2001

oooh galaga... great dream!

Posted by: Ben Sun Oct 28 14:17:51 2001

Dreams about Galaga are very important. Almost as important as dreams about Donkey Kong or Ten Yard Fight.

Posted by: acb Sun Oct 28 15:45:09 2001

Though not as common as dreams about Tetris, or hypnagogic Tetris hallucinations.

Once, whilst lying half-asleep in bed, I kept imagining Sokoban block-moving problems mentally superimposed with real-life social situations. Not sure how one mapped to the other, but I *knew* that it did.

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