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This afternoon, as I was crossing the footbridge between North Fitzroy and Northcote, I saw a group* of three young men with cans of spray paint decorating the foundations of the bridge. I was surprised that the two of them who were wearing baseball caps were wearing them the right way around. (None of them seemed to look like gangsta rappers or Ali G impersonators either.)

* What's the collective noun for graffiti artists? "Crew"? "Posse"? "Massive"?

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Posted by: Graham Sun Oct 28 12:33:15 2001

A "Bauhaus of Graffitiists"?

Posted by: acb Sun Oct 28 13:21:39 2001

Except that most people would think of early-80s goth-rock bands when they heard "Bauhaus".

Posted by: Ed Sun Oct 28 18:16:21 2001

I have absolutely no doubts the collective name for graf artists is 'herd' :P

Posted by: burgatron Sun Oct 28 20:43:11 2001

call them TOYS then run forest run.

Posted by: Andrew Sun Oct 28 21:56:55 2001

I remember a guy at skool who thought he was grafiti king who had almost decided on the tag "toy" until someone whispered something in his ear...

Posted by: Al http:// Mon Oct 29 00:56:37 2001

I thought it sounded something like a**wipes.

Posted by: sushism Mon Oct 29 02:02:14 2001

crew is old skool posse is more recent I prefer klan

Posted by: acb Mon Oct 29 04:41:06 2001

Actually, having "toy" as a graffiti tag could be a very self-aware post-modern statement, stepping outside of the superficial gangsta alpha-male machismo of the subculture. Though OTOH, would anybody appreciate it?

Perhaps using "Toy" in graffiti script as a logo or sticker or brand could work though.

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