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Did the Taliban kidnap Britney Spears and replace her with a double? "Who cares," you say? this guy does, and he presents a "case" for this bizarre hypothesis.
Basically I acted like a FBI agent. I looked for evidence and I took leads. I then reported anything and everything I found and suspected to the secret service or the FBI... I've been working very closely with the president since I was working with the secret service. They say that I will probably win a award of honor. I'm considered a honorary contributor to the secret service.

(I wonder whether "honorary contributor" is a title the FBI/Secret Service give to crank correspondents in order to placate them and keep them from going out and taking things into their own hands.)

Oh, and don't forget to check out his theory about why sex is enjoyable. It appears that it's all about temperature changes. (Masters and Johnson didn't know the half of it...)
(via Psychoceramics, of course)

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Posted by: diane Tue Oct 30 23:24:56 2001

Sounds like he may have a variant of Capgras syndrome:

Odom-White A; de Leon J; Stanilla J; Cloud BS; Simpson GM. Misidentification syndromes in schizophrenia: case reviews with implications for classification and prevalence [see comments]. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 1995 Mar, 29(1):63-8.

Abstract: Misidentification syndromes represent false, delusionally-based identification of self and/or others. These are variants of the Capgras Syndrome. Although the frequency of misidentification syndromes in schizophrenic populations has not yet been established, the authors believe this syndrome is more prevalent than previously described. Seven of twenty-five (28%) consecutive patients admitted to a chronic clozapine unit with a variant of misidentification syndrome will be described. Their symptoms are categorised according to traditional classification, and Silva's proposed nomenclature. Problems inherent in these classifications are discussed. Th

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